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We would like acquaint you with Prof. D. Sanfilippo - new member of Editorial Board

Domenico Sanfilippo was born in Catania (Italy) in 1945 and got the Doctorate in Industrial Chemistry from the University of Catania in 1969. He spent forty years in Eni Companies since January 1970 until December 2010, when he retired.

Most of his career has been in Snamprogetti, Italy (now incorporated in Saipem), where until 2008 he was the Director of Onshore Technologies with the responsibility of licensing out and EPC contracting all proprietary technologies, including Urea, High Quality fuels Components (MTBE, ETBE, IsoOctane, etc.), Styrene Monomer, Dehydrogenation, and others. He was also Director of R&D. Previously he has been for 20 years the Manager of the Snamprogetti Research Center.

In 2009 moved to Eni, Refining & Marketing Div. as Manager for Industrialization of New Technologies and Project Director for the preparation of the Basic Design Package and for the technology definition in the Front End Engineering Design for the first industrial plant (23,000 barrel per day under construction) of a new Heavy Residues Hydroconversion Technology and for the preparation of the Basic Design Package of a New Dehydrogenation Technology.

Since 2004 he is Contract Professor of Scale-up of Chemical Plants at the University of Genoa where he is also member of the Council for Doctorate in Sciences, Technologies & Chemical Processes. He teaches Industrial Chemical Processes at the Gas&Oil University of General Electric. In 2004-2008 he has been Contract Professor of Industrial Chemistry at the University of Messina.

In his career he has actively contributed to the development of several commercial technologies with respect to the aspects involving catalysis, reactor engineering and process development, as well the management of the industrial projects. Some examples are dehydrogenations, styrene synthesis, gasoline components, new hydrogen/syngas technologies, mixed alcohol synthesis, ethylene oxide and glycol processes, hydroprocessing and gasification of heavy residues.

Dr. Sanfilippo is author of 46 patents and 170 publications/ books/communications.

Dr. Sanfilippo has been invited lecturer at the Un. of California at Berkeley, at the Queens Univ. (Belfast).

His memberships include the Board of the Int. Association of Catalysis Societies, the Chemical Engineering Panel of EU ERC Program, the Board of Directors of the Federation of Scientific and Technological Associations, the Board of Directors of Haldor Topsoe Inc. (2006-2007), and several International Committees. He is member of the Editorial Board of Catalysis Letters, Topics in Catalysis, Japanese Survey of Catalysis, Chimica e Industria, Catalysis Today (1994-2002). Dr. Sanfilippo has been President of Industrial Chemistry Division and Lombardy Branch of the Italian Chemical Society.

In 2000 he received the Gold Medal “Piero Pino” for Industrial Chemical Processes Development.

In 2010 he received the “Fauser” Award from the Italian Grou? of Catalysis.