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According to the Kazakh Railways Company’s Strategy, Central Computation Centre is upgrading and developing the IT part (see figure 1) to improve the effectiveness of cargo transportation. Also, the Company is delivering new approaches focusing on services and quality assurance through the implementation of algorithmic tools and provision of hi-tech services to clients. The given projects will improve transparency and efficiency of business processes of the Company.

• “The Optimization of Contractual and Commercial Work System (ASU DKR)” will help to reduce registration time of basic primary documents on cargo transportation thanks to their preliminary registration by the client;

• “The Mutual Settlement for Cargo Transportation System (IS RGP)” will enable major clients to employ modern systems of mutual settlement through banks. The given system operates the client’s balance, wire payment rate, penalty calculation and extra fee collection;

• ’The Planning and Normalization System (MultiRail)” will facilitate shipment scheduling by stations with property declaring and car types ; monthly routes, updated every ten days to ensure daily movement of trains; estimate technical specifications based on trip plans and operatively correct plans within a month.

Economical benefit: Savings of operating costs will make KZT 1.5 billion per year.

Project duration: 2009-2012.

Figure 1. Interaction between Information systems in cargo transportation