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Here a year as there is no with us Savelieva Galina Andreevna, the Doctor of Chemistry, Professor of D.V. Sokolsky Institute of Organic Catalysis and Electrochemistry, the talented representative of the Kazakhstan catalytic school.

Galina Andreevna’s labour activity is closely connected with laboratory of oxidizing catalysis of D.V. Sokolsky IOCE in whom it has worked 40 years. Purposefulness and fidelity to business have put forward Savelieva G.A. in a number of leading scientists. In 1958 she has graduated from chemical faculty of the Kazakh State University, department of physical chemistry. During period from 1960 tо1969 she worked in Institute of Chemical Sciences of the Academy of sciences of Kazakhstan in laboratory of ion-exchange resins, then - post graduate of laboratory of physical and chemical methods of research of catalysts. Academician D.V. Sokolsky was her guide of studies. From 1969 G.A. Savelieva worked in laboratory of oxidation of IOCE in a post of the engineer, the younger scientific employee, the senior scientific employee, leading scientific employee and the main scientific employee. She has brought the huge contribution to becoming of Institute.

In 1971 Savelieva G.A. has defense the candidate thesis on researches of physical and chemical, adsorption (Н2) properties of catalysts on carriers on the basis of platinum metals and them catalytic actions in hydrogenation reactions. During 1971-2002 she was the executive, then the head of scientific researches of laboratory in new directions for Institute: studying of physical and chemical, adsorption (CO, СО2) properties of the supported catalysts on the base of platinum, transition, rare-earth elements and polyoxometallates; kinetics, their mechanism of catalytic action in reactions of complete and partial oxidations of components of exhaust gases (CO) and hydrocarbons of gaseous and oil raw material. She carried out teamwork in this direction with leading institutes of the USSR, Bulgaria, Hungary. She was the head of research works on the Council for Mutual Economic Aid, multilateral and bilateral cooperation of IOCE and Institute of Kinetic and Catalysis of Academy of Sciences of Bulgaria (1978-2000) in the field of gas purification, kinetics of reactions, modeling of reactors.

In 1991 she has defense the thesis for a doctor’s degree on a theme: «Regularity of formation and action of the modified catalysts on carriers for reactions of oxidation» in L.Ja. Pisarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry of Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Dissertational work is devoted to studying of the mechanism, the general laws of adsorption and interaction of components of reactions of complete oxidation (CO, СО2) on supported catalysts on the base of platinum metals, to revealing of the mechanism action of catalysts of gas purification, scientific bases of their selection. She develops essentially new approaches to synthesis of catalysts of purification of exhaust gases of motor transport and the industrial enterprises, the low-percentage catalysts containing precious metals were developed, adsorption of the elementary gases and surface structure of catalysts before and during the moment of reaction were studied, finding-out the mechanism of oxidation-reduction of catalytic processes were spent. G.A. Savelieva had made the big contribution to studying газof gaseous processes of oxidation.

In parallel G.A. Savelieva developed a new direction of works: development of structures of supported thermal stable catalysts of polyoxide type for processes of selective oxidative conversion of alkanes of natural and oil gases into oxygen-containing products and olefins for needs of industrial organic synthesis of Republic of Kazakhstan, and also in the modified compositions motor fuels. Under her management the new effective catalysts and technologies of oxidative conversion of methane into formaldehyde and ethylene, ethane to ethylene, С3-С4 alkanes - to alcohols and olefins are created. G.A. Savelieva developed technologic schedules on catalysts and processes which cause the international practical interest. A lot of time and forces she has been given to a professional training of the top skills. She has brought up not one generation of young experts. Under direction of G.A. Savelieva 9 master’s theses were defense, works with post-graduate students, trainees, competitors from the CIS countries, Bulgaria were spent.

More than 300 works were published in the co-authorship by her on materials of researches (the monograph, a methodical management, papers, patents, copyright certificates). Results of work were repeatedly reported on Republic, International Symposiums and Conferences. She was a member of Dissertational Council of OICE on defense of doctor’s and master’s theses. High professionalism, diligence, intelligence, the valid attitude to people was inherent to Galina Andreevna. The person of a wide outlook and intelligence, the large scientist, the talented teacher and the organizer who has brought the contribution to development of a chemical science, Galina Andreevna was always open for cooperation with colleagues and deservedly used sincere respect and love of everyone who could communicate with her. She remains in our memory such light and kind person.

Colleagues and pupils

Коллектив Научной библиотеки КазНУ имени аль-Фараби и Редакционный совет журнала «Science of Central Asia» глубоко скорбит по поводу трагической гибели директора Научной библиотеки МАНСУРОВОЙ БАЛГАНЫМ МУСЛИМОВНЫ и выражает искренние соболезнования родным и близким.


Мансурова Балганым Муслимовна родилась 1 января 1966 года в Чимкентской области. Окончила библиотечный факультет Ленинградского института культуры. Работала в Государственной библиотеке имени А.С. Пушкина, в Министерстве культуры КазССР, директором библиотек Алматинского сельскохозяйственного института, Казахстанско-Британского технического университета и Научной библиотеки КазНУ имени аль-Фараби. Балганым Муслимовна была умелым руководителем, профессионалом своего дела, отзывчивой и доброй мамой двоих дочерей. Светлая память о Балганым Муслимовне навсегда сохранится в наших сердцах.

The collective of Scientific library of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University and Editorial Board of “Science of Central Asia” deeply grieves in occasion of tragical death of director of Scientific library MANSUROVA BALGANYM MUSLIMOVNA and expresses sincere condolences relatives.

The biography

Mansurova Balganym Muslimovna was born on January, 1, 1966 in the Chimkent area. She has graduated from library faculty of the Leningrad institute of culture. She worked in the A.S.Pushkin State library, in the Ministry of culture of Kazakhstan, director of libraries of Almaty Agricultural Institute, the Kazakh-British Technical University and Scientific library of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. Balganym Muslimovna was the skilful head, the professional of the business, sympathetic and kind mum of two daughters. Blessed memory about Balganym Muslimovna will for ever be kept in our hearts.